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Online Ordering

We recognize the fast paced environment of the hospitality and restaurant industry. So, in an effort to make ordering easier and more convenient for our customers, our new online ordering system provides our customers with the ability to place orders, search and add items from our inventory database, track order status and account history and receive confirmation on single or multi-unit accounts.


The Online Ordering System is made possible through OneLinQ provided by IBistro. OneLinQ is a web application that provides a direct connection from the foodservice distributor to their clientele. Though OneLinQ offers a variety of advancements, the core feature is online order entry.


OneLinQ Core Features:
1. Online Order Entry
2. Customer Specification Management
3. Custom Order Guides
4. Robust Invetory Search Engine
5. Par and Sequencing System
6. Email Confirmation System
7. Redundant Order Delivery System
8. Reporting - Status, Usage, Trends, Account Balance, Custom, etc.


OneLink Ancillary Features:
1. Enterprise Software Platform Extension
2. Electronic Invoicing
3. Organization Wide Data Consolidation
4. Reporting - Multi-Unit/Multi-Vendor/Brand-Concept
5. Bi-Directional Connectivity to Channel Partners
6. Backend Integration with RestaurantOne

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