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New Online Ordering

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   We here at Potato Specialty Company have some great news. We now have a newer, modern site in which to place your orders. It's the same company Intalogix, but they have re-branded to make iBistro. Several buttons have been placed below to help ease the process.


The first button will direct you to the new website link. Please click on it, and use the same credentials you had for Intalogix.

The second button will provide illustrated instructions for how to place an order, if needed.


The third button will be to contact the Potato Specialty IT department by email. If you've forgotten or lost your credentials, you can request them there.

Also, you can use this button if you need any other help ordering.

In the near future there will be mobile apps for Android and IOS for use on your phone or tablet.


We appreciate your business, and we hope that this transition is smooth and pleasant.

Order Here Now !

Ordering Made Easier

Need a Little Help Ordering,
No Problem.

Press the Button below

for pictured step by step help.

Illustrated Help

Forget or Lose your sign-on credentials, Need even more Help,
No Problem at all .

Press the Button below,

To email our IT Staff, and they will help you in a timely fashion. If requesting Credentials, please provide your Store Name, City, Phone Number and Email Address. Feel free to contact us for any other issues you may be having or to make a request or to just give feedback.

Additional Assistance
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